Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Review: Bloodstorm: Subspecies 4 (1998)

5 out of 5 full moons
Since the series was originally planned as a trilogy, going into Bloodstorm I wasn't sure whether the fourth entry would be a useless appendage or a worthy contribution to the mythos.
It was obvious there would have to be a fairly lengthy and complicated resurrection of Radu: he was convincingly offed in the finale of Bloodlust. Instead of complication we get absurdity. His burning body falls into a river, the flames are doused, he sucks on the bloodstone a little and in broad daylight (he's a goddamn vampire!?) he stumbles across a field, into the castle, and makes for his crypt. One minute in and the film is seriously stumbling...
Alas, Ted Nicolaou hits his stride and makes directly for the goods. We get the introduction of smart and flaky Dr. Niculescu and Radu's lieutenant, the music-loving, upper-crust Ash. The storyline that follows lifts this sequel above the other two.
Best Quote: Ion: "Bullets are useless against a vampire." Lupo: "Even so, a false sense of security is better than no sense of security."
All in all, the best entry into the series. Makes you wish it would continue...
Why is Radu cool?
1. He's destroyed in increasingly convincing ways in each film, yet keeps getting back up.
2. He shows a girl how much he loves her by destroying his whole family and attempting to do the same to hers.
3. He drools blood. All the time.
4. Sometimes he sounds like the Godfather.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was late in getting in on sub species, but i was hooked on radu. it is 2006 will he ever come back?

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