Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Review: Killjoy (2000)

1 out of 5 stars
Another evil clown movie. Why is Killjoy so special? Ah, here's the catch: we've got ourselves an "urban" evil clown movie. I guess "urban" means everybody's black, and the bad guys are wannabe-rapper, blunt-smokin' gang members. Geez, strike another drum for stereotypes...
I especially enjoyed our high school heroes enjoying cocktails at nightclubs and living with their girlfriends/boyfriends.
Best Quote: Jamal: "If we're gonna stop this clown mf'er, we gotta split up!" D'oh!
To be honest, there is nothing to recommend this movie. About the only positive thing I can figure is Killjoy's gnarled-up yellow teeth.
My main problems with the film is the lack of pace, ho-hum killings, non-existent sets, unfunny clown "mayhem", wooden acting, and Richard Kosinski's wannabe urban score. What irks me most is that producer Carl Washington alludes to the service films like his are performing for the black community, since the director and all of the cast members are black except for the token Latino.
My advice Mr. Washington: "Make a good movie. Or, really, an even 'passable' one...."
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