Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Review: Trancers 6 (2002)

3 out of 5 full moons
Zette Sullivan is this monkey's banana: she absolutely nails Tim Thomerson's Jack Deth, in the latest and greatest entry into the Trancers franchise. Trancers 6 is less about wasting Trancers than it is about Thomersonesque one-liners.
I'd give it a 4, but the plot's really pretty weak and the efx are less-than-TV quality. What Jay "used to be woeful" Woelfel does is turn the series into a scifi comedy, and it's a masterstroke.
Basic Premise: Jack has to "go down the line" and dust some trancers who are angling to take out his daughter (who is also his great-grandmother) or he'll stop existing. Woelfel uses a little stock Thomerson footage to get the thing going, then we cut right to the star of the show Jo Deth (Zette-baby!). She immediately gets fired by her trancer boss after reading him the riot act and zinging the other squids in the office, and the dusting trancers portion of the flick is on.
Definitely worth a rent if you liked the first.

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Anonymous SynchPedro86 said...

Well, it was generous of the Bands to attempt the revival of the Trancers saga. Although I tried to take it for what it was, I could not help but miss the classiness of Thomerson as Jack Deth. The new babe (Zette) was decent, but Tim Thomerson made Trancers as popular as it was because of his comedic skills. Removing him completely was a risky decision, and one that saw little approval.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

people shouldn't be afraid of change, i think it was great.
let's see if there is a trancers 7.

for all those critics out there poo pooing it, what would you have done differently in trancers 6??

sci-fi is supposed to be off the wall folks, expect the unexpected. if you don't like what you see then tough beans!

enough said. my two cents.

3:58 PM  

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