Thursday, July 06, 2006

25 and counting...

I've now seen over 30 Full Moon pics in about two months. Yes, that's 1 every 2 days. And, yes that is waaay too many for the average brain to handle. But, alas, my brain is stupid.

Along the way, I've gone through periods of intense hatred for the Huckster, as well as times of admiration, fondness, and amazement. I've also gone through about a hundred bucks in rental fees, and now used VHS purchases.

My personal Full Moon library has gone from 0 to about 10, not including the Subspecies box set I got from I've basically cleaned out my local Hollywood Video of used Full Moon VHS tapes, and am now the proud owner of such masterpieces as Totem, The Killer Eye and Alien Arsenal.

I'm gonna have to find some new places to buy (not eBay: those a-holes want like 4 dollars for shipping and handling for a .95 cent tape!).

I'm hoping FM will get off their asses and get Petrified out to the masses. My gut is pegging it as a 2 out of 5 rating, with a couple of good scenes and a "70"-minute runtime, but I'm hoping it's a 3. I'm really hoping. I think a 4 is too much to ask for, as it seems like it's the same plot as Shrieker (which, along with Creeps and Head of the Family, is a flick I'm actually looking forward to reviewing!).

Oh, and the wikipedia page for Full Moon is actually pretty good, including some innuendo and rumors and maybe a bit too much about JR Bookwalter. It's interesting to read the rights history to these films, and it looks like most of them from the Paramount era will never make it onto DVD, and those that do will be distributed by Anchor Bay (which is a good thing if you ask me).

Until then, try the teaser of Evil Bong.

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