Monday, July 24, 2006

Bad Moon Risin'

Petrified is now slated for a September 26th release. The trailer is online here. The Evil Bong trailer is here. EB is gonna come out October 26th. No mention of Cutter's Club.

I participated in my first "horror roundtable" over at the horror blog. As is evidenced by the 40+ fan emails I received following my masterful exposition, I was the clear winner. :)

A question has been rolling in my skull: When was the last (or only?) time you saw an African American actor in a Full Moon flick (Big City Pictures films don't count)? has an interview with Jay "Woeful" Woelfel (director of Demonicus and Trancers 6).

MJ has an interview with Danny Draven (edited Tomb of Terror, and the three newest titles, and directed Horrorvision).

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